Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to online store- AgroMarket (hereinafter referred to as the „Company”, “Our”, “Ours” ”Us”)!

In order to buy the product from the AgroMarket online store, it is necessary for the user to register on the web-portal.

During the registration please, pay attention that all necessary data, including, the address to which the purchased product shall be delivered are filled in the contact information field.

Payment of the cost of purchased product shall be made upon the order. The user can make payment by using the bank cards. 

Agreement (Contract) between us and you, covers the aforementioned rules and conditions and the policy of our confidentiality (“Agreements”). You have realized that you have read and understood the agreements and agree with them.

You take responsibility that you strictly protect the security and confidentiality of your personal account and you will not disclose the information of your page to any third Party in order to protect of the information on your personal account.

Please note, that we do not have access to the information of your card, as the payment is made through the secured page of our partner bank. 

If you do not agree with the Agreements (or will not fulfil it), you may not use our service, but we ask you to notify us on this regard by sending email to the address:  info@agrimarket.ge, so that we will be able to find the solution from the existing situation. These terms apply to all visitors, users and anyone wishing to access other services.


2. Communication

By using our services, you give your consent to the receipt of news, marketing or advertising materials and other information that might be sent from us. In addition, you can reject the receipt of the aforementioned information, by sending us an email on the cancellation of subscription to the email address: info@agrimarket.ge.

3. Purchasing/Buying

You can buy at least 20 GEL products on www.agromarket.ge

We reserve the right at any time to refuse or cancel your order for the certain reasons, including but not limited to: the availability of a product or service, the presence of errors in the product or service description or price, errors in your order or for other reasons.

We reserve the right to reject or cancel your order, in case of suspicion of fraud or unauthorized or unlawful transaction.

4. Acceptance-Delivery

Delivery of the product ordered before 00:00, will be made the next day after receiving the order, from 16:00 to 20:00.

Delivery of the order is made on daily bases throughout Tbilisi, also in Mtsckheta and Saguramo.

Please note that:

The cost of the delivery of the order throughout Tbilisi (except for the Region of Didgori) is 5 GEL.

Delivery of the order to Okrokana, Tabakhmela, Shindisi, Tsavkisi, Kojori, Tskneti, is 10 GEL.

In case of delivery of the order to Mtskheta, Saguramo, Kiketi, Betania, Akhaldaba, 15 GEL will be added to the order price. 


5. Refunding of a Sum/Compensation

The order can be cancelled only on the day of placing an order.

Refunding of a Sum/Compensation will be made within 5 days from the initial date of the order.

6. Composition / Content

Any visual and textual material posted on our website represents the property of Agrimarket or has a permission to use. You do not have right to distribute, modify, forward, download, copy or use this Content wholly or partially for personal commercial purposes or without prior written permission.

7. Termination

We may discontinue or suspend your account and access to service immediately, without any prior notification or responsibility, at our discretion, for any reason and without limitation, including, but not limited to, in case of violation of Terms and Conditions.

If you want to terminate an account, you can simply stop using it.

8. Amendments in Service

We reserve the right to make amendments to our services at our discretion. Periodically, we may restrict access to some parts of the service or the entire service, to users, including to registered users.

9. Confirmation / Consent

By using our services or other services provided by us, you confirm that you have read and got aquatinted with these Terms and Conditions and agree to them.

10. Contact Us

Please send your response, comments, technical assistance request to the following email address: info@agrimarket.ge